Friday, July 8, 2011

Bampinay - flash back/the future

In 2004, I made the short film "Bampinay" as a personal response to a story shared to me by friend and poet Barbara Jane Reyes ( In her story, she vented about an experience where a man in a passing car had made rude comments and "disgusting" gestures towards her. Needless to say, it frustrated us both. Being that we are both artist and had a flare for the macabre and gothic, I shared a darkly imagined scenario where she took the form of the aswang, a type of vampire of Filipino folklore, and used her long tongue to evisceration him. Just then I realized that I had laid down the foundation for a horror film with an underlining theme of self empowerment.

Bampinay - Short film 2003

the future of Bampinay

The film ran for a several years screening at VC's LA Asian Film Festival, San Francisco Asian Film Festival and the Hawaiian International Film Festival. It even opened for Takashi Miike's film "Audition" in Ohio, which was a big honor. Since the film ended its festival run in 2007 at DisOriented Film Fest in Eugene, Oregon, many have expressed to me how they would like to see more of Bampinay. With many unanswered questions posed by the short, I made the decision to expand the short film to a feature length film. After a year of writing several drafts of the screenplay with the help of film school friend Lawrence Yaghmour and shooting new conceptual footage, I felt we were finally ready to make this film. Now I need to begin the fundraiser. It wont cost what a Hollywood film would need, but it will take something to get started. We have a long way to go, but I am confident it can be done. More details coming soon...

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