Saturday, November 5, 2016

We had an amazing film run in California at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival 2016, The 1st inaugural LA Philippine International Film Festival, FACINE Film festival SF and the 13th Another Hole in The Head Film Festival (spotlighting indie horror, sci-fi and fantasy films). We close out the year in NYC for the Urban Action Film Festival. See you on the East Coast! The San Francisco Premiere at The Great Star Theater Courtesy of The Cast and crew at the LA Premiere at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival At Another Hole in the Head Film Festival 13 with the best Aswang family portrait!
Let's talk for one second about how awesome the Another Hole In The Head Film Festival in San Francisco is. We had the chance to screen here last week and it may be pretty safe to say this the most awesome San Francisco Film Festival ever! You may have missed our screening of Vampariah but go check out the rest of them. It's not too late! We plan to return every day we possibly can to hang out and check out the other films so stop us and say hi! And I think we are going to make a rally to get some friends to see a Black and Chrome version of the latest Mad Max: Fury Road complete with a live band accompaniment! This should be a once in a lifetime awesome experience and right down our alley! We have even talked about doing this same thing to our film with film composers Cynical Mass. Give it up for awesome talented musical scores, live or otherwise. Anyway whatever day you go down to Another Hole in the Head at The New People Cinema go say hello and thank you to festival organizers George Kaskanlian Jr and Doc Zee. We appreciate your hard work A LOT!